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World Nature Photography Awards

Thomas Vijayan: Lynx pounce

Thomas Vijayan: Lynx pounce

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Thomas Vijayan: Lynx pounce

Endowed with long fur, distinctive ear tufts, and snowshoe-like paws, the lynx epitomises resilience in the face of harsh conditions. In temperatures plunging to -31°C, I embarked on a quest to photograph this elusive predator. Despite the biting cold, my determination remained unwavering as I sought to capture its essence in its natural habitat. After a relentless pursuit through the snow-laden landscape, I encountered the majestic Canada lynx. With camera in hand, I seized the moment, immortalising its regal presence against the wintry backdrop. Though the frosty air tested my endurance, the euphoria of capturing the perfect frame made every icy gust worthwhile. In that fleeting instant, I glimpsed the untamed beauty of the Canadian lynx, a testament to the resilience of nature in the harshest of environments.

Image © Thomas Vijayan

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